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Posted 1-Sept-2008
Fabbohotel is open after
two days of making a loader. Once we get more people on Fabbo we are going to look for staff places (Don't ask), And start competitions etc.
To join Fabbohotel you are going to need hamachi, It is well worth it as we have v19 - v21 Furni.

If you do not have Hamachi already please go to: 
to download it. Once downloaded, you will need to install it. Connect to Hamachi after it opens. Then join existing network. Details:

Hamachi Network Name: fabbo-r-us

Hamachi Network Password: 123
Fire Fox is in need to play Fabbohotel!

Admin catalogue!

Posted 2-Sept-2008
Mass and i have decided to let all Fabbos have Admin cata until we get more people to join Fabbo. Once we do get more people to join there will be no more Admin cata for normal Fabbos, but that should not be to soon
Thanks Admin(s) Kyle, Mass

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